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The Ultimate Paris Travel Guide

Cécile Meir
Account Manager at Trip.Expert
The City of Lights and love, the capital of elegance and romance, a place of timeless beauty, marvel monuments, wonderful art, and intoxicating charm. Paris is a dreamy destination and a must on every traveler's wish list. A mix of old and new, rich history and exquisite architecture, visiting Paris is like stepping back in time but via a modern vehicle. Paris's comprehensive itinerary will take you through Paris' enthralling streets, will navigate your way so you will not miss any landmark, and unveil all the hotspots.

Five days with all of Paris highlights, from the marvelous Eiffel Tower to splendid Montmarte and even the spectacular Palace of Versailles. Paris itinerary will unfold all you need to see and know about the city, including directions, tips of do and not to, what to avoid, and where to buy attractions' online tickets.

Bon voyage!

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Transport Travel Cards

See full information about travel passes and prices at the RATP website, the operator of Paris public transport.


It is recommended to buy tickets to the main attractions in advance. Not only because they are very popular but also due to the Coronavirus restrictions.

Restaurants and Cafés Tipping

Tipping in France's restaurants or cafés is not a must. However, it will be kind to tip 5% - 10% of the meal's bill if you are satisfied with the service.

Try to Learn Basic French

The Parisians will not expect you to know French, but few basic words will show goodwill and kindness and therefore are appreciated by the locals.


At shops and grocery stores, prepare your means of payments in advance, Parisians tend to be impatient with delays.