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Singapore Travel Essentials

Cécile Meir
Account Manager at Trip.Expert
A cosmopolitan atmosphere, remarkable skyline, brilliant engineering structures, astonishing gardens, magnificent landscape, and heavenly shopping centers that will warn every fashionista's heart. Singapore is one of the hottest vacation destinations today, for all the right reasons. Relatively small in size but full of attractions, the "Garden City" successfully assimilates its green vision.
This, without compromising on preserving the past or generating super-modern eco-friendly skyscrapers. This blending of the old and the new creates a unique combination of a developed country that did not abandon its Asian traditions and roots.

Join me to reveal Singapore's treasures, landmarks, museums, temples, shopping paradise, entrancing parks, colorful streets, and hidden gems. Discover famous sightseeing as Changi Airport, Gardens by the Bay, the Sentosa Island which offers exceptional watery adventure, the rustic 70's look-like island Pulau Ubin and so much more.

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