Tel-Aviv Jaffa Perfect Itinerary

Tel-Aviv Jaffa Perfect Itinerary

Cécile Meir
Account Manager at Trip.Expert
3 Days
Born in 1909 and grew into a fantastic, beautiful, and vivid city, where the lights never go out, and the sun is shining even in winter. With an unstoppable beat, unbeatable beaches, friendly people, superb nightlife, and an electric atmosphere, Tel Aviv is a wonderful place to feel alive.

The city is a leading force in Israel's culture, art, finance, high-tech, and architecture. The white city, the compounds of Bauhaus, and the International Style buildings in Tel Aviv grant the city a very special character. Therefore, it was declared as a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO. Jaffa and its magical alleyways and port are also adding the city a unique architecture and an absolutely stunning antique charm.

Tel Aviv is over 100 years old and Jaffa's age can be counted in thousands, but both have a young and fresh spirit. It is modern but respect, preserve, and restores the past. It is also famous for its great nightlife with bars and clubs that open almost all night long.

The city and its residence also show consistently strong support in the LGTBQ community and have one of the fabulous Pride Parades in the world. It is a favorite LGTBQ tourism destination and is considered one of the best cities for gays to travel to.

Tel Aviv is the place where you will always find delicious food, fun activities for every age and gender, plenty of shopping opportunities, great weather, and maybe even friends for life.

Trip Summary

Day 1
Tel Aviv Port
Independence Park
Frishman Beach
Bialik Street
Carmel Market
Kerem HaTeimanim
Neve Tzedek
Day 2
The Clock Tower
Mahmoudiya Mosque
HaPisga Garden
Kdumim Square
Mifrats Shlomo Promenade
Wishing Bridge
Netiv HaMazalot
Al Bahr Mosque
Andromeda’s Rock
Jaffa Port
Suspended Orange Tree
HaTsorfim Street
Jaffa's Flea Market (Shuk Hapishpeshim)
Day 3
Rabin Square
Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Azrieli Center
Habima Square
Rothschild Boulevard
Old Train Station

Attractions' Tickets

It is recommended to buy tickets to the main attractions in advance. Not only because they are very popular but also due to the Coronavirus restrictions.

We provide an option to buy tickets via GetYourGuide which offers the best prices with free cancellation.


A fusion of old and new, Jaffa is a place where different cultures and religions meet and thousands of years of history come to life. As one of the oldest city ports in the world, Jaffa has a magical atmosphere at its charming alleyways, countless hidden gems, and a spectacular view of the Mediterranean. In the past decades, Jaffa underwent a revival process and is brimming with preserved historical attractions, restaurants, cafés, shops, and vivid nightlife. If you are coming to Tel Aviv, Jaffa, and especially the Old City, is an absolute must.

Top LGTBQ Destination

Crowned by many as the top gay-friendly city in the world, Tel Aviv is a great supporter of the LGTBQ community. As a liberal, an open-minded city with accepting residents, governmental assistance, municipal facilitation, and a fabulous Pride parade - Tel Aviv is a gay paradise. Here you will not find any "gay quarter", gays are simply everywhere and the community visibility is indisputable. Load and clear, active, and vocal, the LGTBQ community has a large representation in the city population, cultural life, and sensational Tel Aviv nightlife. Tel Aviv is firmly loyal to the LGTBQ community and the LGTBQ community hugs the city in return.

Buses & Travel card

Tel Aviv is highly accessible by public transport and most of the public transport relies on buses which usually arrive between 5 to 15 minutes during weekdays from 5 AM to midnight. Several night lines operate during the night, but on Shabbat (Friday afternoon until Saturday night), there is no public transport and you may use other alternatives as taxicabs and service taxis.

It is not possible to pay directly to the driver. Therefore it is highly recommended to buy the smart card (Rav Kav) which allows you to get daily, weekly or monthly passes, or use designated applications.

Public Transportation Information

Train customer service: 08 - 6831222 or *5770, fax for hearing impaired: 08 - 6261693
Dan customer service: 03 – 6394444 or *3456
Egged customer service: 03 – 6948888 or *2800

Tipping in Israel

In restaurants and cafes, it is acceptable to leave a 10-15% tip if you are satisfied with the service. You may pay the bill with a credit card, but the tip should be in cash.

VAT Refund

The Value Added Tax (VAT) in Israel is 17% and tourists may receive a VAT refund if they stand in the requirements the Israeli Tax Authority and Ministry of Tourism set.

All information can be found at the Ministry of Tourism:
Ministry of Tourism Website
Phone: (+972) 37280123

Ben Gurion Airport

Ben Gurion Airport information: 03 - 9755555