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Tel-Aviv Jaffa Perfect Itinerary

Cécile Meir
Account Manager at Trip.Expert
Born in 1909 and grew into a fantastic, beautiful, and vivid city, where the lights never go out, and the sun is shining even in winter. With an unstoppable beat, unbeatable beaches, friendly people, superb nightlife, and an electric atmosphere, Tel Aviv is a wonderful place to feel alive.

The city is a leading force in Israel's culture, art, finance, high-tech, and architecture. The white city, the compounds of Bauhaus, and the International Style buildings in Tel Aviv grant the city a very special character. Therefore, it was declared as a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO. Jaffa and its magical alleyways and port are also adding the city a unique architecture and an absolutely stunning antique charm.

Tel Aviv is over 100 years old and Jaffa's age can be count in thousands, but both have a young and fresh spirit. It is modern but respect, preserve, and restores the past. It is also famous for its great nightlife with bars and clubs that open almost all night long.

The city and its residence also show consistently strong support in the LGTBQ community and have one of the fabulous Pride Parades in the world. It is a favorite LGTBQ tourism destination and is considered one of the best cities for gays to travel to.

Tel Aviv is the place where you will always find delicious food, fun activities for every age and gender, plenty of shopping opportunities, great weather, and maybe even friends for life.

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