How it works

Create and deliver the most detailed itineraries to your customers.

Plan like a pro
Use a top-notch map-based trip planner, and the most powerful planning tools, to easily plan your dream vacation like a professional.
Get inspired by beautiful itineraries created by travel experts
Find numerous rich media itineraries planned by trip experts from all around the world. Save time, get all the information you need about your next destination, and efficiently plan your priorities and budget.
Copy and modify ready-made itineraries within seconds
Find the itinerary that suits your needs the most, and modify it as you wish. With our advanced planning tools, you may add any place to your itinerary, and conveniently re-arrange your places on the map. For example, you may add your hotel so your itinerary will start and ends there on each travel day. You can also include any attractions on your route, restaurants, private addresses, train stations, airports, and much, much more.
Make your own personal itinerary, literally, anywhere
Search any place or city, in any country, and generate your own personalized day-by-day itinerary that is fully integrated with Google Maps. On-road, off-road, trek to a mountain top, cruise in the ocean, or fly to another continent, our planner will lead you anywhere you want, in a click.
Use your language
Trip.Expert support in almost any language, including from right to left, such as Hebrew or Arabic. This allows you to choose a map and search places on the planner in your own language. It also provides you with the opportunity to write your texts in your own words.
Book hotels and attractions at the best prices
In Trip.Expert, we understand the need not only to save time on planning a trip but also saving costs. Therefore, we provide the opportunity to directly book attractions and hotels at the best prices in advance, including free-cancellation options where applicable.
Manage all in one place
Plan your itinerary, and add all the places, details, and notes you need. Upon registration, you may also add attachments, such as pictures, YouTube clips, and PDF files. Add your flights, hotel reservations, and any other needed information as a PDF file and concentrate all you need for your trip, in one place.
Save your itinerary link address for future use or show off your superb itinerary. Send a private link to whom you wish to see it, traveling with you, friends, or family. You may also, share it over social media and inspire others to follow you.
Always up-to-date, no download is required
Desktop, tablet, or mobile, you may edit and use your itinerary on any device. No app download is required, always stay connected and change your itinerary if needed, anywhere and anytime. Just set your itinerary, click, and you are ready to go.
Why register to Trip.Expert
Creating an account helps you to better organize your trip, but more than that, it unleashes the full power of Trip.Expert's planner.

As a registered user, you may:
Add places to your route not only by searching the address but simply by clicking on the map
Include waypoints anywhere, even at sea
Use fast drag & drop features
Conveniently organize all your itineraries in one place
Easily reset password by email
Add attachments and manage all your trip aspects in one place
Personalized your itinerary with your own content, such as pictures, media, and texts
Be multilingual and convert itineraries from one language to another
Trip.Expert for travel agents
Use our dynamic trip planning platform to create stunning itineraries that can be updated from anywhere and easily to be re-used. Boost your digital visibility and get an appealing profile page with embedded SEO and social media tools. Go global, show the world who you are and ease potential clients to find you, and learn about your services.

Get the Custom account and earn
Get a custom account, and maximize your abilities with all the Trip.Expert's planner functions. Create unique links to your itineraries and change them as you wish. Add booking links to your itineraries and earn from every ticket sold.
Special benefits for hotels and vacation rentals
Get an extraordinary rich-media profile page with plenty of pictures and videos, that will beautifully exhibit your place. Create multi-lingual itineraries that start and end at your place and will serve domestic and international travelers. Read more about our solutions for the hospitality industry.
Mass production for travel agencies, airlines and cruise lines
Use a multi-destination trip planner that can plan itineraries over continents and even at sea. Generate customized itineraries at a large scale via our API and upgrade your clients' journeys.
Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Planner
Trip.Expert helps destination wedding and honeymoon planners, to create luxurious, stress-free, and unforgettable weddings anywhere. Our itineraries can serve as unique wedding invitations, efficiently deal with relatives that are coming from other countries, and even speak different languages. View our weddings planner guide for more details.
Any Itinerary
You can build any imaginable itinerary with our Trip Planner.
Our platform supports 25 languages including Hebrew and Arabic.
Offline + PDF
Export the full itinerary to PDF, including links to Google Maps and Waze.
Virtual Tours
On PC, each itinerary may serve as a perfect virtual tour including customized StreetView.
Highly Integrated
Google Maps & Google Places are integrated into the platform for smooth trip planning.
Mass production
Copy master itineraries (even to other languages) and customize them quickly.