How it works

Create and deliver the most detailed itineraries to your customers.

Top planning tools for travel experts
Trip.Expert's platform is suitable for all, however, it was designed for travel professionals and has a great many advantages for experts. With Trip.Expert, professionals can create winsome itineraries and virtual tours, anywhere and in any language. This magic of tailor-made itineraries happens with the help of the Back Office which includes three main components: Itinerary Manager, Place Manager, and the crown jewel, our famous map-based Trip Planner.

This guide will present the main advantage and benefits of our platform and exhibit how it works.

Set a personal profile page
Boost your digital visibility, and get an appealing profile page with embedded SEO and social media tools. Go global, and show the world who you are with beautiful itineraries that exhibit your proficiency and abilities. Ease potential clients to find you, and learn about your services.

All-in-One Back Office
The Back Office is the engine and the heart of Trip.Expert's platform. It optimizes the planning process, displays statistics, increases the ability to reuse content, and saves much time. What you build and manage with the Back Office, will determine your itineraries' view, your personal profile's display, and your customers' satisfaction.

The Back Office contains three main components that work synergistically: Itinerary Manager, Trip Planner, and Place Manager, which together control all the planning process aspects.
Itinerary Manager
At the Itinerary Manager you can easily generate new itineraries, duplicate them with one click, and most importantly, select the language of the itinerary. You may choose from 25 different languages and by this, serve a wide range of tourists from all around the world.

The Itinerary Manager includes Itinerary Editor, which helps you to create engaging and elegant guides. With the assistance of the Itinerary Editor, you can add dates, descriptions, notes, tags, and attachments as you wish. You may also add safety warnings, a weather widget, and a link to attractions' booking. Also, the Itinerary Editor provides you full control over who can see your itineraries with advanced privacy settings.
Trip Planner
The Trip Planner is at the core of our platform and allows you to add indoor and outdoor places to your route. Land and sea, public areas, and even private addresses, you can easily create professional and personalized day-by-day itineraries, literally anywhere.
Key features of the Trip Planner
Multi-lingual and support 25 languages
Add places by searching or by clicking on the map
Add places anywhere, even private addresses or rural places
Provide attractions' basic information such as operational status, address, opening hours, contact detail, and rating
Use Street View and enables Point of View customization
Exhibit walking, driving, cycling, and public transport directions
Allows to add schedules, and automatically calculate the time of arrival
Permit location-based notes that can be used as safety warnings
Use fast drag & drop features
Have full integration with Google Maps and Google Places
Enables to create sample itineraries for quick reuse and modifications
Place Manager
Every place you add to your route is saved at the Place Manager, where later you can edit, delete and view which itineraries this place is included. More than that, the Place Manager is multi-lingual as well and enables to copy a place with all its media and content and converting the location's information into different languages for immediate reuse.

The Place Manager includes Place Editor that assists to beautify the itinerary and make it inviting and captivating. At the Place Editor, you can enrich every place on your route with YouTube clips, photos, GiFs, and PDF documents. The Place Editor is a smart time-saving tool since it allows you to create new itineraries within minutes. All you need is to save the place's content once, and you will be able to reuse it in any itinerary as much as you want.
Get the Pro or Custom account and earn
Plan custom-made online or virtual trips with text, clips, pictures, documents, and Google Street View. Create private links, and sell your itineraries, make money from your expertise without leaving home. You are the only one who determines your itineraries price, and the worth of your work and skills. We do not take any fee, what you earn is yours only.

More than that, with the Pro or Custom account, you will be able to maximize your abilities with all the Trip.Expert's planner functions. You will also be able to create unique links to your itineraries and change them as you wish. And of course, add booking links to your itineraries and earn commission from every ticket sold.
Special benefits for hotels and vacation rentals
Get an extraordinary rich-media profile page with plenty of pictures and videos, that will beautifully exhibit your place. Create multi-lingual itineraries that start and end at your place and will serve domestic and international travelers. Read more about our solutions for the hospitality industry.
Mass production for travel agencies, airlines and cruise lines
Use a multi-destination trip planner that can plan itineraries over continents and even at sea. Generate customized itineraries at a large scale via our API and upgrade your clients' journeys.
Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Planner
Trip.Expert helps destination wedding and honeymoon planners, to create luxurious, stress-free, and unforgettable weddings anywhere. Our itineraries can serve as unique wedding invitations, efficiently deal with relatives that are coming from other countries, and even speak different languages. View our weddings planner guide for more details.
Any Itinerary
You can build any imaginable itinerary with our Trip Planner.
Our platform supports 25 languages including Hebrew and Arabic.
Offline + PDF
Export the full itinerary to PDF, including links to Google Maps and Waze.
Virtual Tours
On PC, each itinerary may serve as a perfect virtual tour including customized StreetView.
Highly Integrated
Google Maps & Google Places are integrated into the platform for smooth trip planning.
Mass production
Copy master itineraries (even to other languages) and customize them quickly.