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 15 Best Things to Do in Madrid
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Madrid, Spain – 15 Best Things to Do

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With approximately 7 million tourists each year, Madrid established itself as a top travel destination. A must on every traveler's bouquet list, Madrid has unlimited attractions, experiences, and activities. Knowing how hard it is for new visitors to decide where to go in this vibrant city, this itinerary focus on the absolute must-see in Madrid. 15 most popular attractions, that will exhibit and reveal the soul of Spain's heart.

A metropolis like no other, colorful, and elegant, Madrid is suitable for any traveler's budget and perfect for anyone who loves fascinating history, classic architecture, stylish shopping, fizzy nightlife, and excellent food.

This itinerary will make sure you will not miss any important landmarks, provide you with all the necessary information on each attraction and help you to book tickets at the best prices.
Onefam Sungate
C. del Carmen, 16, 2nd floor, Centro, 28013 Madrid, Spain
In Lavapiés, Onefam Sungate combines modernity with affordability. Its welcoming atmosphere, eclectic design, and cultural surroundings make it a unique and budget-friendly Madrid choice.
Hotel Moderno Puerta del Sol Madrid
C. del Arenal, 2, Centro, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Budget-friendly in Puerta del Sol. Hotel Moderno provides simplicity with a central location. Perfect for those seeking affordability and convenience in the heart of Madrid.
Room Mate Macarena - Gran Via Hotel
C. de Gran Vía, 43, Centro, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Trendy and central, Room Mate Macarena on Gran Vía offers stylish comfort. Its modern design and vibrant surroundings create a lively and memorable Madrid stay.
C. de las Fuentes, 13, Centro, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Social and budget-friendly near Puerta del Sol. ROOM007 SOL fosters community in its vibrant hostel. With a central location, it provides an affordable and lively Madrid experience.
Velázquez 45 by Pillow
C. de Velázquez, 45, Salamanca, 28001 Madrid, Spain
Elegant simplicity in Salamanca. Velázquez 45 offers stylish rooms and proximity to upscale shopping. A quiet retreat, it's an ideal base for exploring Madrid's upscale district.
Dear Hotel Madrid
C. de Gran Vía, 80, Centro, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Chic sophistication on Gran Vía. Dear Hotel combines design with panoramic city views. Its rooftop pool and central location offer a stylish and memorable Madrid experience.
Hotel ILUNION Atrium
C. de Emilio Vargas, 3, 5, Cdad. Lineal, 28043 Madrid, Spain
Modern comfort in Chamartín. ILUNION Atrium offers accessibility and contemporary design. With a business focus, it's a practical and comfortable choice for Madrid visits.
Hotel Riu Plaza España
C. de Gran Vía, 84, Centro, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Sleek elegance near Gran Vía. Riu Plaza España impresses with modernity, city views, and a rooftop pool. A central location makes it perfect for exploring Madrid.
Gran Hotel Inglés
Calle de Echegaray, 8, Centro, 28014 Madrid, Spain
Historic luxury in Barrio de las Letras. Gran Hotel Inglés exudes timeless charm. With opulent rooms and a central location, it's a refined Madrid retreat.
Relais & Châteaux Heritage Madrid Hotel
Calle de Diego de León, 43, Salamanca, 28006 Madrid, Spain
In Chamberí, Heritage Madrid blends boutique luxury with personal service. Its exclusive ambiance and proximity to cultural sites make it a delightful Madrid escape.
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15 Best Things to Do in Madrid
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The Royal Palace of Madrid, the official residence of the Spanish royal family, is a grand architectural marvel with over 3,000 rooms. Famous for its opulent interiors, exquisite art collection, and impressive gardens, the palace offers a glimpse into Spain's royal history, making it a must-visit for history enthusiasts and lovers of lavish architecture.
  C. de Bailén, s/n, 28071 Madrid, Spain
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Adjacent to the Royal Palace, Catedral de la Almudena is a stunning neo-Gothic cathedral known for its intricate architecture, beautiful chapels, and ornate interior. Its unique blend of traditional and modern design elements, including impressive stained glass windows, attracts visitors interested in religious heritage and architectural beauty.
  C. de Bailén, 10, 28013 Madrid, Spain
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A splendid square with lovely old architecture that is a well-worth visit while continuing your travel to San Miguel Market and Plaza Mayor.
  Pl. de la Villa, Madrid, Spain
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San Miguel Market, located in the heart of Madrid, is a food lover's paradise. This historic market offers an array of gourmet Spanish cuisine, including tapas, fresh seafood, and regional delicacies. It's a vibrant spot to indulge in local flavors, making it a favorite destination for culinary enthusiasts and tourists seeking an authentic taste of Madrid.
  Pl. de San Miguel, s/n, 28005 Madrid, Spain
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Plaza Mayor is Madrid's central square, surrounded by elegant buildings adorned with frescoes and balconies. It's a bustling hub of activity, hosting events, festivals, and markets. With its lively atmosphere, outdoor cafes, and street performers, it's an ideal place for people-watching, immersing in local culture, and appreciating the city's vibrant ambiance.
  Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain
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Puerta del Sol, Madrid's symbolic heart, is a bustling square known for the iconic clock tower and the Kilometer Zero marker. It's a vibrant junction where locals and tourists gather. The square is famous for its lively atmosphere, historic buildings, and as the site of various celebrations and gatherings, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking the pulse of the city.
  Puerta del Sol, Madrid, Spain
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Known as the "Spanish Broadway," Gran Vía is Madrid's main shopping and entertainment street. Lined with theaters, cinemas, shops, and restaurants, it epitomizes the city's vibrant energy. The street's historic buildings, contemporary stores, and cultural attractions make it a hub for both tourists and locals, offering a lively atmosphere day and night.
  C/ Gran Vía, Madrid, Spain
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Plaza de Cibeles is an elegant square adorned with the iconic Cibeles Fountain, representing the goddess Cybele, charioted by lions. Surrounded by prominent buildings, including the City Hall, it's a symbol of Madrid's architecture and culture. The plaza is ideal for sightseeing, relaxing, and appreciating the city's neoclassical beauty.
  Plaza de Cibeles, Madrid, Spain
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The Prado Museum is one of the world's most renowned art museums, housing an exceptional collection of European art. It features masterpieces by artists such as Velázquez, Goya, and El Bosco. The museum offers a profound artistic experience, making it a haven for art enthusiasts, historians, and anyone interested in the evolution of European art.
  1, C. de Ruiz de Alarcón, 13, 28014 Madrid, Spain
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El Retiro Park, Madrid's green oasis, is a vast and picturesque park offering serene lakes, lush gardens, and historic monuments. Visitors can enjoy rowing on the lake, visit the Crystal Palace, or simply relax amid nature. Its tranquil ambiance makes it a perfect retreat from the city's hustle and bustle, attracting locals and tourists alike for leisure and relaxation.
  Plaza de la Independencia, 7, 28001 Madrid, Spain
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Puerta de Alcalá is a neoclassical triumphal arch that stands as a symbol of Madrid. Originally a city gate, it's now an iconic monument located in the Plaza de la Independencia. Visitors can admire its impressive architecture and enjoy the surrounding park, making it a great spot for photography and understanding Madrid's historical significance.
  Pl. de la Independencia, s/n, 28001 Madrid, Spain
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An ancient Egyptian temple gifted to Spain, the Temple of Debod is an unexpected treasure in Madrid. Situated in Parque del Oeste, it offers a unique blend of Egyptian and Spanish culture. The temple's picturesque setting, especially during sunset, makes it a serene and remarkable destination for history enthusiasts and romantic sunset admirers.
  C. de Ferraz, 1, 28008 Madrid, Spain
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The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Queen Sofía National Museum Art Centre) is a world-renowned modern and contemporary art museum. The Reina Sofía Museum houses masterpieces like Picasso's "Guernica," and offers insight into Spain's cultural and political history. Its extensive collection, temporary exhibitions, and innovative installations attract art aficionados, historians, and visitors interested in exploring the evolution of contemporary art.
  C. de Sta. Isabel, 52, 28012 Madrid, Spain
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Las Ventas is one of the world's most prestigious bullfighting arenas. Even if not attending a bullfight, visitors can explore the arena and its museum, delving into Spain's controversial tradition. Its architectural significance, cultural heritage, and unique atmosphere make it a noteworthy stop for those interested in Spanish traditions and history.
  C. de Alcalá, 237, 28028 Madrid, Spain
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Home to Real Madrid, Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is a temple of football. Guided tours offer access to the pitch, changing rooms, and the club's trophy room, providing an immersive experience for football fans. Its electrifying atmosphere during matches and the chance to relive the club's history make it a must-visit for sports enthusiasts.
  Av. de Concha Espina, 1, 28036 Madrid, Spain
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