Each year, tens of millions of tourists are traveling to Spain, to discover the beloved European country which is world famous for its remarkable landscapes, endless charm, and fascinating history. As a top travel destination, Spain provides a rich, colorful, and diverse traveling experience. It has cities such as Madrid with majestic palaces, Barcelona with the superb Gaudí architectural style, and Granada with the astonishing Moorish architecture. It is also home to numerous winsome villages and towns, splendid islands such as Ibiza and Mallorca, and the striking Pyrenees. With this variety of sceneries and attractions, Spain can be a fantastic vacation for anyone and on every budget.

From bullfighting to exceptional football clubs and stadiums, Spain is a place of excitement and enthusiasm. Spain also has a wonderful artistic activity, with outstanding museums and art galleries, a long tradition of flamenco dance, magnificent music, and movies. And if you love fashion, then Spain is a shopping heaven and at very reasonable prices.

The country is brimming with cafés, and restaurants and is well known in the world for its delectable tapas bars. The Spanish are friendly and welcoming and value life at a slow pace, with a siesta at noon. However, the result is a calm vacation on one hand, and thrilling nightlife on the other. Spain is a spectacular vacation destination for anyone who wishes to have fun, romance and meet new people. Nevertheless, it is also a lovely travel destination for families, with easy ways to walk even with the young ones and well-organized modern public transit.

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