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7 best beaches in Tel Aviv

Best Beaches in Tel Aviv, Israel

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In a country where the sun almost always shines, Tel Aviv Beaches and Promenade are a must-visit place. Seductive golden beaches, calm blue-turquoise water, and hearty attractive people are all here to assure you an incredible vacation. The sunrise and sunset from the beautifully long and wide promenade will leave you with an indelible impression. The refreshing breeze from the sea, volleyball nets, paddles (matkot), surfers, and spontaneous parties, all make the tantalizing beaches one of Tel Aviv's best highlights. Surrounded by cafés, restaurants, bars, and clubs, no wonder National Geographic choose Tel Aviv as one of the top 10 beach cities.

Tel Aviv has 13 official beaches spreading over approximately 14 kilometers alongside a charmingly wide promenade. Tanning, relaxing, swimming, surfing, diving, playing, or parting, there are so many activities under Tel Aviv sunny sky to enjoy from.


Each beach has a rescue station, showers, changing room, restroom, free WiFi, drinking water, and shaded areas. Lounge chairs, sunbeds, and beach umbrellas for rent can usually be attained at all shores. Public transport, sports facilities, playgrounds, lockers, volleyball nets, and special police officers to assist tourists are also available at most beaches.
Food: each beach has at least one kiosk or restaurant-café. At most beaches, there are plenty of restaurants around too.

To start planning your exploration, here are is everything you need to know about Tel Aviv beaches. Don't forget to bring your hat, swimsuit and sunscreen lotion!
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7 best beaches in Tel Aviv
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Made famous by a 70's Israeli movie with the same name, Metzizim Beach is a lovely stretch of beach with soft sand and calm water. The beach is close to Nordau Boulevard, Independence Park (Gan Ha'atzmaut), and Tel Aviv Port. It also can easily be accessed by public transport. Metzizim is very much family-oriented and full of happy kids building sandcastles and enjoying the beach playground. When the night falls, the tone is changing with a lighted area of sports facilities and volleyball nets. That, to delights of the sportive Tel Avivians who can cool off from the Mediterranean breeze while working out.
  Metzitzim Beach, Israel
It is no secret that Tel Aviv beaches are among the most beautiful around the globe. And while Hilton Beach is no exception, it also has a special sauce – Pride. Hilton beach was adopted by the LGBT community and is recognized internationally as one of the finest beaches for gays in the world. With the hottest bronze men and women in minimal swimwear that enjoy fantastic weather and superb parties, it is not hard to figure out why.

While popular nearly year-round due to Israel's terrific weather, it is extremely popular among tourists during Tel Aviv Pride week. Then, special parties and events take place under the sunlit sky and the beach turns into a fun party with pulsating music and electrifying vibes.

Undeniably, the Rainbow Flag is leading the Beach tempo, however, Hilton is absolutely fabulous for all. On the south side, near the breakwater, there is a special section for water sports which can be used day or night. It is a fantastic spot for surfers and includes a surfing club that offers guidance and equipment. So if you are into riding the waves, windsurfing, SUP surfing, and kayaking, Hilton is utterly the place to go.
  Hilton Beach, Israel
The sun-kissed Gordon beach is among travelers' favorites. It is close to ample hotels, has a magnificent boardwalk with many nearby restaurants and a winning view of the Marina. Gordon is well-known for its superb summer parties and young-sportive beach culture. One of the reasons it's so popular is due to volleyball nets and sports facilities which attract the athletics Tel Avivian's. The beach is also lighted during the nights to ease night games and work out. Another popular activity is diving to underwater Gordon Caves which shows one more astounding side of the Mediterranean. Right next to the Marina you can find diving clubs that will supply all the equipment and guidance you will need. Also, folk dancing is offered for free every Saturday during June – October from 19:00 until 23:00 at Gordon promenade.
  Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Located near vivid Frishman Street, this sunny beach is one of the most loved by knowledgeable beachgoers. Frishman is very close to many hotels and especially to Dan Hotel which its colorful façade makes Frishman very hard to miss. The rays of light brighten the tranquil turquoise water and the beach's natural beauty grows even stronger during sunrise and sunset. This natural beauty together with its central location makes Frishman a top vocational destination. It is highly accessible by public transportation, has volleyball nets and plenty of culinary options around. Therefore, the place is a magnet not only for the locals but tourists too. As such, Frishman is a perfect spot for a fun picnic right next to sociable locals and tourists from all over the world.
  Frishman Beach, Israel
Bograshov has a breathtaking view, relaxed vibes, and all the facilities you will need to have a lovely day on the beach. The Beach is an ideal spot to bring a blanket, lay on the warm powdery sand, and just enjoy the shining summer sun. Surrounded by plenty of restaurants and bars, the beach is highly accessible by public transport and has paid parking lot nearby. It is also very close to London Square (also called London Garden), a small square Inaugurated during 1942 to honor London's residents' strong standing during the Blitz. The London Garden provides a direct view of the stunning Tel Aviv shoreline and it is a great way to end the evening by watching the amazing Mediterranean sunset.
  Bugrashov Beach, Israel
Jerusalem Beach is a great gateway to Tel Aviv alluringly shoreline. It is within walking distance from main streets such as Allenby and Ben Yehuda and very close to numerous hotels, restaurants, and clubs. It is highly accessible by public transport and therefore very popular among locals and tourists equally. It is very much family-friendly but although relatively crowded, it is not difficult at all to find a spot to relax while soaking up the sun or dabbling in the water. The beach itself is very clean, has shaded areas, sports facilities, and volleyball nets. Another valuable advantage is its closeness to Geula Beach where you can practice kitesurfing.
  Jerusalem Beach, Israel
A lively beach with silky sand, bright blue water, and exceptional scenery of the remarkable Tel Aviv shoreline. Beach amenities include volleyball nets, sports facilities, and a section for water sports, especially windsurfing. A surfing club with equipment and guidance is also available. The Beach is close to Charles Clore Park and the Kerem HaTeimanim neighborhood which offers plenty of delicious restaurants. Aviv Beach has a few nicknames, one is Banana Beach which is named after the famous Beach restaurant. The other is "The Drummers Beach" ("Hof HaMetofefim") after the drummers and other musicians who gather at the beach every Friday afternoon. This entrancing mini-festival gives Aviv Beach a colorful character and jaunty atmosphere to the delight of all the beachgoers.
  Aviv Beach, Israel

Bathing Season

The official bathing season starts mid-April and lasts until the end of October. Limited lifeguard services are offered until the end of November at most beaches. It is forbidden to swim without lifeguards or when there is a black flag on the lifeguard towers. Yet, tanning or sauntering along the beach is most acceptable during the plenty of off-season hot days.

Water sports beaches

Hilton, Aviv, HaTzuk Beach North, Jerusalem, Charles Clore, Givat Aliya, Tel Baruch, and Gordon (diving only).


All beaches have nearby paid parking except for HaTzuk and Givat Aliya which offer free parking.