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3 Days in Tel-Aviv - Jaffa, Israel

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3 Days
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Born in 1909 and grew into a fantastic, beautiful, and vivid city, where the lights never go out, and the sun is shining even in winter. With an unstoppable beat, unbeatable beaches, friendly people, superb nightlife, and an electric atmosphere, Tel Aviv is a wonderful place to feel alive.

The city is a leading force in Israel's culture, art, finance, high-tech, and architecture. The white city, the compounds of Bauhaus, and the International Style buildings in Tel Aviv grant the city a very special character. Therefore, it was declared a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO. Jaffa and its magical alleyways and port are also adding to the city a unique architecture and an absolutely stunning antique charm.

Tel Aviv is over 100 years old and Jaffa's age can be counted in thousands, but both have a young and fresh spirit. It is modern but respect, preserve, and restores the past. It is also famous for its great nightlife with bars and clubs that open almost all night long.

The city and its residents also show consistently strong support in the LGTBQ community and have one of the most fabulous Pride Parades in the world. It is a favorite LGTBQ tourism destination and is considered one of the best cities for gays to travel to.

Tel Aviv is the place where you will always find delicious food, fun activities for every age and gender, plenty of shopping opportunities, great weather, and maybe even friends for life.
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Day 1
7 places   
Tel Aviv Port
  Tel Aviv Port
Tel Aviv Port reveals to its visitors a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. Except for the scenery, the Port also serves as a popular outdoor recreation complex to the joyous of the city's residents. It contains fashion, sport, and design shops and hosts enjoyable all-family events and shows. As one of the local's favorites, the Port has a sassy culinary scene that includes fantastic restaurants and the HaNamal & Farmers Market.
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Independence Park
  HaYarkon St, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Lovely Park with a splendid view of the Mediterranean. Inaugurated in 1952, Gan HaAtzmaut (Independence Park) includes green lawns, Mediterranean vegetation, and a beautiful mosaic ornamental pool. It surrounds the Hilton hotel and also includes a few memorials, a Muslim cemetery, statues, a playground for the children, and walking trails. The park receives mythological statues from the gay community since the late 1970s where it becomes a favorite place for gays socializing and cruising. In 2009 the park undergoes a massive renovation and the gay community abandons the place but it is still considered a milestone in Israel's LGBTQ history.
Frishman Beach
  Frishman Beach, Israel
Located near vivid Frishman Street, this sunny beach is one of the most loved by knowledgeable beachgoers. Frishman is very close to many hotels and especially to Dan Hotel which its colorful façade makes Frishman very hard to miss. The rays of light brighten the tranquil turquoise water and the beach's natural beauty grows even stronger during sunrise and sunset. This natural beauty together with its central location makes Frishman a top vocational destination. It is highly accessible by public transportation, has volleyball nets and plenty of culinary options around. Therefore, the place is a magnet not only for the locals but tourists too. As such, Frishman is a perfect spot for a fun picnic right next to sociable locals and tourists from all over the world.
Bialik Street
  Bialik St 27, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Entrancing street, almost hidden and relatively short but full of elegance, character, history, and alluring international style architecture. The large collection of remarkable eclectic style and Bauhaus buildings from the early 20th century makes Bialik Street an inseparable part of the "White City". The street is home to many art and architectural institutions such as Beit Ha'ir (old Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality building), Bialik's house, Rubin Museum, Bauhaus Museum, The Felicja Blumental Music Center, and The White City Center.
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Carmel Market
  Carmel Market, Tel Aviv-Yafo
The Carmel Market (Shuk HaCarmel) is one of the most vibrant markets in Israel and Tel Aviv's main market. It offers plenty of deliciously fresh food alongside a colorful bazaar of clothes and accessories. Its central location turned the Carmel area into foodies and sociable Tel Avivian's favorite with tasteful restaurants and cafés. The Market is also within a walking distance from Nachlat Binyamin Pedestrian Mall. An open space that brings together more than 200 artists who offer a wonderful collection of unique art artifacts, every Tuesday and Friday.
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Kerem HaTeimanim
  Kerem HaTeimanim, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
A spicy neighborhood with a relaxed atmosphere and many excellent culinary opportunities. Kerem HaTeimanim was built at the end of the 19th century and still retains its old charm (lovely narrow streets included) alongside many shops and designer boutiques. But most important, it's full of restaurants, cafes and trendy bars, not to mention the occasional all-night community parties, a tradition this neighborhood is famous for.
Neve Tzedek
  Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
The picturesque Neve Tzedek established in 1887 and was the first Jewish neighborhood outside Jaffa's walls. Its alluring architecture, old city magic, and tranquil atmosphere turn Neve Tzedek into one of the most mesmerizing places in Israel.
As a leading force at the Tel Aviv-Yafo creativity scene, the neighborhood is home to many historical and cultural attractions as HaTachana (Old Jaffa Train Station), Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre, Nahum Gutman Museum of Art and Shimon Rokach House.
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Day 2
14 places   
The Clock Tower
  Yefet St 14, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
The Clock Square (Kikar HaShaon) is one of the two main squares in Jaffa and your entrance to the Old City. The Square is part of the development process Jaffa went through during the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century while expanding beyond Jaffa walls.
It named after the Clock Tower that was built in the early 20th century by the Ottomans to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sultan Abdul Hamid II regime. Back then, the Square was surrounded by governmental institutions (as the Saraya House), shops, a market, and a mosque. It was a central transportation hub that connected Jaffa with other cities and first and foremost to Jerusalem.
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Mahmoudiya Mosque
  Ruslan St 4, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Mahmoudiya Mosque is the third-largest mosque in Israel and the biggest in Jaffa. It was initially built in 1730 but completed more than 80 years later. The mosque has an original Ottoman style, with wide yards, arches, mosaics, domes, sebil, and a famous minaret which is an integral part of Jaffa landscape for centuries.
HaPisga Garden
  Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
HaPisga in Hebrew means the peak or the top, and as the name suggests HaPisga Garden reaches the top of Jaffa's Old City. The garden is beautiful and provides not only a magnificent view of Jaffa, the sea, and Tel Aviv. It is also a pleasant contrast to the dense Jaffa architecture.
The Garden contains the Wishing Bridge, archeological findings as Ramses Gate, and an impressive statue made by the sculptor Daniel Kafri. Situated on the highest point of the garden, Kafri's statue named "Statue of Faith" and describes Jacob's dream, the sacrifice of Isaac, and the battle of Jericho.
Kdumim Square
Kedumim Square is the main square of the Old City and home to the Zodiac Fountain, Old Jaffa Visitor's Center, and St. Peter's Church (a Franciscan church built in 1654 that believed by the Catholic Church to be The House of Simon the Tanner). It surrounded by fetching houses, galleries, and splendor alleys. Also, the Square leads to the Wishing Bridge and HaPisga Garden. Since the place has numerous underground archeological findings, the square was named Kedumim, which is driven from the word Kadum in Hebrew and means ancient.
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Tayelet Mifraz Shlomo St 1
  Tayelet Mifraz Shlomo St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Mifrats Shlomo Promenade provides a spectacular view of the sea, Jaffa and Tel Aviv. It also includes Napoleon's Cannons and the Selfie Frame.

While the name is misleading since Napoleon's soldiers did not use those cannons, the cannons are a living reminder of the horrific consequences of the French campaign to conquer the land of Israel. The cannons are from the Ottomans period and believed they were used by Ottomans to protect Jaffa from the French invasion but to no avail. When the Ottomans surrendered, their soldiers were slaughtered. The outcome of the French campaign in Jaffa during 1799 was dreadful, with many acts of murder, looting, and rape. Those cannons are another evidence of Jaffa's turbulent history and the terrible suffering of its residents through that time.
The Selfie Frame, however, is a reminder to Jaffa's captivating beauty. Old Jaffa is such a splendid place that people from all over the country want to be photographed there. Very often you will see brides and grooms strolling around, taking pictures for their wedding album. And now, taking selfies is even better than ever with Jaffa's selfie frame which located in a perfect spot to take selfies with the amazing Jaffa - Tel Aviv beaches in the background.
Wishing Bridge
  Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
There is no better place for a wishing bridge than Jaffa which many of its residents through the generations were depends on the fitful sea to make a living and come back home safely. The bridge has a small mosaic at the entrance and is entwined with zodiac signs. The belief is that if you find your own zodiac sign, stand next to it, touch it while looking at the sea and make a wish, your wish will come true.
Netiv HaMazalot
One of Jaffa's highlights it’s the entrancing Old City alleyways. Netiv HaMazalot alley is a lovely starting wandering point where you can begin discovering this hidden beauty. Netiv HaMazalot can be translated into The Zodiac Lane and is leading to more picturesque alleyways named after the zodiac signs.
Those lanes, like the entire Old City, are full of spirit, beautiful old architecture, galleries, and a Mediterranean view. It is a fantastic spot to get a bit lost, search for your zodiac sign, amble around and soak up the alluring atmosphere of those winsome narrow lanes.
Al-Bahr Mosque
  Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Small in size but with a minaret that is seen from afar, Al-Bahr Mosque is inseparable from Jaffa's promenade spectacular view. Faces to the sea, this was the place where Muslim sailors carry their prayers before they have left the land.

It is difficult to determine the Al-Bahr Mosque establishment date, however, evidence shows its age can be counted in centuries.
Andromeda’s Rock
  Retzif HaAliya HaShniya St 3, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Looking from Retsif ha-Aliya ha-Shniya Street to The Mediterranean you will see Andromeda's Rock, an old rock carrying a Greek mythological legend about gods' anger, human vanity, sacrifice, and love. Daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia, the king and queen of Ethiopia, Andromeda was the victim of her mother's arrogance.

When Cassiopeia said her daughter is more beautiful than Poseidon's daughters, Poseidon sent a sea monster to Jaffa. To save the residents, Andromeda was chained naked to what is believed this rock as a sacrifice to the monster but was rescued by Perseus, Zeus's son, which later marries her.

To ease its identification, Andromeda's Rock is marked with the Israeli flag on it.
Jaffa Port
Jaffa Port is recognized as one of the oldest ports in the world. Operative almost continuously since the Bronze Age and even mention in the bible, Jaffa port is an exceptional slice of history. The port has a significant role in Jaffa's development and prosperity through the generations and was the main entrance gate to the Land of Israel.

Today, the Port is also a recreation hot spot with restaurants, galleries, free music, and art events. With an astonishing view of Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean coastline, Jaffa Port is one of the photogenic sights you will see in Israel.
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Suspended Orange Tree
  HaTsorfim St 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Jaffa oranges used to be internationally known and are presumably the most identified export from the city. In 1993, the Suspended Orange Tree, sculpture by the artist Ran Morin, was placed in Jaffa, hang above the ground by metal chains pinned to nearby houses walls. The Suspended Orange Tree is an environmental sculpture that integrates perfectly into Jaffa's old city architecture and history.
HaTsorfim Street
  HaTsorfim St, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
HaTsorfim Street is a picturesque alleyway that is full of Jaffa old city charm and beauty.
Jaffa Flea Market
  Olei Zion St, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
The flea market is located in the heart of Jaffa and operates since the 19th century. Called Shuk HaPishpushim by the locals, the flea market offers plenty of diverse second-hand items. The entire area has undergone a revival in recent years and is full of shops, art galleries, restaurants, and cafés.

The place is also a local's favorite at night when the market and shop are closed. It is beautifully lighted by the nearby restaurants which add tables outside under the sky and music, laughs and fashionable people can be heard and seen on every corner.
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Midron Yaffo Park
  Nemal Yafo St 48, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Span across 6 acres, Midron Yaffo Park is a wonderful traveling spot with a marvelous view of the Mediterranean and Tel Aviv-Jaffa promenades. Midron (Slope in Hebrew) is very much pedestrians oriented and has walking trails and wide green lawns. It is a fantastic place for ambling around, especially during the evening when you can view the gorgeous sight of the sea at gloaming and sunset.
Day 3
8 places   
Rabin Square
  Rabin Square, Tel Aviv-Yafo
Located in one of Tel Aviv's main streets, Rabin Square is among the most important and large squares in the country. The Square hosts many rallies, demonstrations, concerts, fairs, festivals, and parades. Therefore, it served as a major arena for many of Israel's dramatic and historical events. Most notable was Rabin's assassination after a peace rally.

To honor his memory the Square was renamed and an impressive memorial was placed nearby. Rabin Square observes Tel Aviv City Hall which its 700 windows façade is a source of spectacular lights displayed during special events. The Square also includes a powerful Holocaust memorial monument, sitting areas, an ecological pool, and a lovely fountain.
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Tel Aviv Museum of Art
  The Golda Meir Cultural and Art Center, Sderot Sha'ul HaMelech 27, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Tel Aviv Museum of Art is a significant and vital force in Israel's art and Tel Aviv cultural life. It has stately and reputable artworks and specialized in modern and contemporary Israeli art, mainly from the beginning of the 20th century and afterward. It also has impressive modern and contemporary works of international artists, mostly from the 19th century and on. The museum also upholds concerts, educational lectures, and workshops. Cinema which presents carefully selected movies from around the world is also available to the public.
Azrieli Center
  Azrieli Center, Derech Menachem Begin, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
A business complex of 3 business towers and a mall, which is one of the main shopping centers in Tel Aviv. Azrieli Center towers are among the highest in Israel and are inseparable from the Tel Aviv skyline. The place has numerous shopping opportunities and plenty of restaurants. Besides shopping Azrieli also includes a gym, cinema, and Water Park for children on the roof (3rd floor).

As one of the highest skyscrapers in Israel, the place is also a wonderful vantage point and offers an observatory on the 49th floor of the round tower which will give you a fantastic panoramic view of Tel Aviv.
Sarona Visitor Center
  Aluf Albert Mendler St 11, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
A European village alike in the heart of a modern area, that exhibits the Templers life and work. At the complex, you can find a museum dedicated to the Templers' history, unique Templers' olive press, underground tunnel, and antilia well. Originally established in 1871, the colony underwent a complex conservation process.

It was re-opened in 2014 as a splendid park with preserved Templers houses. Most of the reconstructed houses become beautiful stores, restaurants, or galleries. The place offers many recreation options, large enclosed gourmet food named Sarona Market, wide squares, a small playground for children, and many seating areas.
Habima Square
  Tarsat Ave 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Officially called The Orchestra Plaza (Kikar HaTizmoret) but best known as HaBima Square, the Square is a cultural arena like no other in Israel. The Square hosts Israel's national theater HaBima, the prestigious performances auditorium, and home to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Heichal HaTarbut (Culture Palace), and The Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, and Ya'akov's Garden.

Connected to the exciting Rothschild Boulevard and ebullient Dizengoff Street, HaBima Square is large and wide, modern, with a flourishing garden and delightful reflecting pool. The creative design fit very well with the White City vision of Tel Aviv and attracts many locals and tourists.
Rothschild Boulevard
  Rothschild Blvd, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Begin at Neve Tzedek and end at HaBima Square, Rothschild Boulevard is a microcosm of Tel Aviv. Appealing, exciting, tempting, and full of flashy clubs, restaurants, cafés, fashionable people, and jovial events. As one of the very first streets of Tel Aviv, Rothschild Boulevard is abundant with classic Bauhaus and International Style architecture. Therefore, it is part of the White City which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Named after the philanthropist Edmond James de Rothschild, this nonstop Boulevard received an iconic status since its establishment. The Boulevard is shaded by many trees and has plenty of sitting areas, a playground, and even a library during the summer. Bounteous with elegant buildings and remarkable institutions, Rothschild Boulevard is definitely one of Tel Aviv's highlights.
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HaTachanah - Old Jaffa Railway Station
  Kaufmann St, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Old Jaffa Railway Station was inaugurated in 1892 and served residents, soldiers, and travelers, until the Israel War of Independence. It was abandoned for many years and restored more than 100 years after its establishment. Now known as HaTachanah (The Station), the wonderful place is a gateway to the past and an elegant restoration project which revived all its surroundings.

It includes the preserved station, goods terminal, part of the railway, and two railroad cars. It also contains approximately 20 buildings that were originally built during the Ottoman rule or constructed by the Templers during the British Mandate. The renovated building was converted into restaurants, cafés, and luxury boutiques and the Station became one of the most beloved leisure centers in Tel Aviv.
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  Florentin, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Located in southern Tel Aviv, the industrial area which used to be a blue-collar neighborhood is one of the trendiest places in Israel today. Full of young people, Florentin has a sprightly and vibrant nightlife with great clubs, chic bars, fine restaurants, and inviting cafés. Its calmer and easygoing atmosphere, colorful street art, unique boutiques, and galleries also add a strong presence of bohemian spirit.

The main streets are Florentin Street and Vital Street which came to life during the nights. During the day, the bustling Washington Boulevard and Levinski Market are another way to understand this lovely neighborhood charm.
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A fusion of old and new, Jaffa is a place where different cultures and religions meet and thousands of years of history come to life. As one of the oldest city ports in the world, Jaffa has a magical atmosphere at its charming alleyways, countless hidden gems, and a spectacular view of the Mediterranean. In the past decades, Jaffa underwent a revival process and is brimming with preserved historical attractions, restaurants, cafés, shops, and vivid nightlife. If you are coming to Tel Aviv, Jaffa, and especially the Old City, is an absolute must.

Top LGTBQ Destination

Crowned by many as the top gay-friendly city in the world, Tel Aviv is a great supporter of the LGTBQ community. As a liberal, an open-minded city with accepting residents, governmental assistance, municipal facilitation, and a fabulous Pride parade - Tel Aviv is a gay paradise. Here you will not find any "gay quarter", gays are simply everywhere and the community visibility is indisputable. Load and clear, active, and vocal, the LGTBQ community has a large representation in the city population, cultural life, and sensational Tel Aviv nightlife. Tel Aviv is firmly loyal to the LGTBQ community and the LGTBQ community hugs the city in return.

Buses & Travel card

Tel Aviv is highly accessible by public transport and most of the public transport relies on buses which usually arrive between 5 to 15 minutes during weekdays from 5 AM to midnight. Several night lines operate during the night, but on Shabbat (Friday afternoon until Saturday night), there is no public transport and you may use other alternatives as taxicabs and service taxis.

It is not possible to pay directly to the driver. Therefore it is highly recommended to buy the smart card (Rav Kav) which allows you to get daily, weekly or monthly passes, or use designated applications.

Public Transportation Information

Train customer service: 08 - 6831222 or *5770, fax for hearing impaired: 08 - 6261693
Dan customer service: 03 – 6394444 or *3456
Egged customer service: 03 – 6948888 or *2800

Tipping in Israel

In restaurants and cafes, it is acceptable to leave a 10-15% tip if you are satisfied with the service. You may pay the bill with a credit card, but the tip should be in cash.

VAT Refund

The Value Added Tax (VAT) in Israel is 17% and tourists may receive a VAT refund if they stand in the requirements the Israeli Tax Authority and Ministry of Tourism set.

All information can be found at the Ministry of Tourism:
Ministry of Tourism Website
Phone: (+972) 37280123

Ben Gurion Airport

Ben Gurion Airport information: 03 - 9755555