Oxford, UK

Oxford is a magnificent and lively university city, with ancient charm and plenty of wonderful attractions and hidden gems. The city can quickly and conveniently be reached from London and many other cities by train. Therefore, it is a fantastic option for a day trip, although, Oxford will easily keep you busy for more than a day. Oxford is also about 15-20 minutes from the fascinating Blenheim Palace, which is known for being Churchill's birthplace.

The jewel in the crown of this splendid city, is the University of Oxford which has a long and rich history of academic excellence. Established on the 11th, the University of Oxford grew into one of the most famous and prominent universities in the world. However, except for outstanding academic achievements, the university is Immersed in beauty, exquisite architecture, and enchanting gardens. It is far from surprising, that the university become a favorite location for many films, including three of Harry Potter's films.

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