Republic of Singapore

The Republic of Singapore is one of the trendiest vacation destinations today and a thrilling place to visit. The city-state which is located in Maritime Southeast Asia offers a wonderful adventure for any type of traveler. It has superb attractions, fantastic nightlife, excellent food, and an unbelievable amount of shopping opportunities.

Singapore is also most known for its remarkable beautiful parks and gardens. But the "Garden city" does much more and develops and maintains an advanced eco-friendly vision in every possible aspect, from architecture to industry.

Strives for excellence, the urban architecture of Singapore is outstanding, and the view of its skyline which is dotted with striking skyscrapers is marvelous. However, despite being an ultra-modern country and a world-class financial center, Singapore is a fascinating mix of old and new, traditional, and contemporary, with an eye to the future and a well-preserved past. This winsome fusion is a consequence of the "Lion City" multicultural character. Consisting mainly of residents of Chinese, Malay, and Indian origin, Singapore is an enchanting place where people of different religions, cultures, and even languages, are flourishing together as one nation.

Except for the main island, Singapore has more than 60 islands, including the charming Pulau Ubin with rustic characters that will take you on a trip in nature and back in time, to the 60s-70s of the 20-century. Also, it includes the spectacular Sentosa Island, which is a top vacation destination in Singapore and has incredible attractions for all the family, from skydiving to Universal Studios.

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