Stonehenge, UK

Stonehenge is a world-famous prehistoric monument located in the Wiltshire countryside of southwest England. Composed of a circle of large standing stones weighing up to 40 tons, the site is thought to have been constructed between 3000 BCE and 1600 BCE as a place of worship or a sacred site for the prehistoric people who built it. Today, Stonehenge is a popular tourist attraction that draws visitors from all over the world.

At the site, visitors can explore the stones on foot, take guided tours to learn more about its history and significance, and visit the visitor center, which features interactive exhibits, artifacts, and reconstructions that provide insight into the lives of the people who built Stonehenge. The Avenue, Heel Stone, and Cursus are other important features to see. The monument is also surrounded by a rich cultural landscape that includes burial mounds, barrows, and other ancient monuments.

For those interested in history, archaeology, or ancient culture, a visit to Stonehenge is sure to be a highlight of their trip to the UK. Nearby towns of Amesbury and Salisbury offer a range of accommodation and dining options for visitors to enjoy.
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