Windsor, UK

Resides in Berkshire, Windsor is one of the most famous towns in England and the world. Home to the Windsor Castle, the town's name becomes a synonym with royalty. The stunning Castle, which was initially built during the 11th century by William the Conqueror, turn into a residency of the British royal family for centuries. Windsor Castle is the largest operative castle in the world and is open for visits by the public most of the year.

The Windsor Castle is indeed the highlight of every visit to Windsor, however, the surroundings such as the Long Walk, Windsor Great Park, and the town itself are well worth a visit. Another main attraction in the Windsor area is Eton College, the exclusive school which educates many nobles and royal pupils, including the Prince of Wales and Duke of Sussex.

Since the town is highly accessible by public transport, it is a perfect day trip, especially from London. Use Trip.Expert's planner to discover the best of Oxford, save time on planning buy tickets in advance and book a hotel, all in one place.
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