Orvieto, Italy

Orvieto is a winsome ancient city established by the Etruscans and a popular day trip from Rome. The city, which is located in Umbria between Rome and Florence, has a unique and distinctive look. Like it almost touches the sky, since it is residing on the top of a flat mountain made of volcanic tuff.

The city flourished in the Middle Ages and was considered a powerful cultural and economic center during that time. Therefore, it has splendid narrow streets, charming alleyways, and impressive churches that are typical of this period.

The lovely city provides a fun ride with a funicular to the historic center. It has a remarkable Duomo with a beautiful colorful façade, wonderful historic attractions, and plenty of remarkable underground tunnels and caves.

The city is also famous for its wonderful wine and delectable cuisine and is very suitable for a slow and relaxed day trip.
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