Italy is a top travel destination that offers a dreamy vacation and countless attractions for any traveler and budget. As the former hub of the fierce and mighty Roman Empire, the cradle of the renaissance, and the papal home, Italy has a fascinating, and gripping history. The lively country provides an unbeatable travel experience, with remarkable pristine scenery on one hand, and astonishing ancient urban landscape on the other. Young or old, solo travelers, couples or families, everyone can have their own ultimate trip to Italy.

Visit Italy and you will be able to explore some of the most winsome cities in the world, in one country. To view antiques in Rome or Pompei, picturesque towns in romantic Tuscany and Lake Garda, world wonders such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or having ski at the Dolomites. Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre, Bolzano, Amalfi, the list of alluring and enticing places in Italy is endless.

Italy has always been a great supporter of arts, and culture and is a must for any art lover. The birthplace of the brilliant Leonardo da Vinci and many other extraordinary artists leads to numerous marvelous masterpieces that still can be found at fantastic museums, galleries, and churches across the country.

A synonym for style and good taste, Italy is brimming with excellent shopping opportunities, especially in fashion, including haute couture. Another bubbling scene in Italy is culinary since the country is a heaven for foodies and offers plenty of superb restaurants, which are far from being limited to pasta, pizza, or delicious gelato.

With friendly and helpful locals, incredible landscapes, and stunning architecture, Italy is the perfect vacation destination. Use Trip.Expert, to create the trip you have always wanted in one of the most bewitching countries in Europe and the world.