Telefèric de Montjuïc, Barcelona

The Montjuïc Cable Car (officially Telefèric de Montjuïc) is a gondola lift, that runs from a lower terminus adjacent to the Montjuïc Park upper station of the Montjuïc funicular, and climbs higher up the Montjuïc hill to a terminal near the Montjuïc Castle on the summit of the hill. At its midpoint, the line executes a 90-degree turn and the cabins pass through Mirador station, although only down-bound cabins stop at this point.

The cable car line is 752 m (2,467 ft) in length and climbs a vertical distance of 84.55 m (277.4 ft) at a speed of 2.5 m/s (8.2 ft/s). The cars slow to a crawl as they pass through the station to allow passengers to board or exit. Two cars are equipped with the facility to carry wheelchairs.

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